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    networking issues on 2.2kernel

    hi guys having an odd issue with 2.2kernel custom build linux, hoping you can help.

    the background:
    we have three mobile computers that move around between five different network points.
    each one has a static set IP and needs to talk to a fixed linux box (also 2.2kernel) to retrieve data. this box is on the other side of a firewall that i am assured is set up to allow access to our linux box.
    the connection is via ethernet cable into wall sockets which i am assured are correctly patched through to connect to our fixed box on the other side of the firewall.

    the issue:
    we can only connect and retrieve data intermittently.
    this seems more apparent when the machines have remained turned on and have moved from one room to another.

    my thoughts:
    speaking to the IT team onsite, it is clear that new networking hardware is the cause (they assure me it isnt though) as prior to installing new firewalls and enforcing much stricter traffic flow, everything worked perfectly.
    i suspect there is a network table somewhere that isnt being updated when the machines are moving from room to room, causing us to fail to connect with our linux box.
    the newer system has a 2.4 kernel and this communicates fine all the time, the problems are only on the three 2.2 kernel systems.

    has anyone got any ideas on how to further diagnose and remedy the issue?
    i cant update to a newer kernel.

    thanks for your help in advance
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    Without *exactly* knowing the netwotk layout, including firewalls, NAT, etc
    it is hard to give specific solution.

    As you probably dont want/arent allowed to give that away anyway, here are some general tipps:

    - Create several testcases, like:
    Computer A with IP X in room 1 needs to connect to Server B with IP Y on ports I,II,III in serverroom 2.

    - Speak to the IT team onsite and ask them for one of their guys -who has access to the firewalls and switches - to go on a bughunt with you.

    - Use the usual tools to see how far you can get in each testcase.
    * arp
    * ping
    * traceroute
    * route
    * tcpdump
    The IT guy can additionally look at
    * switch config and tools
    * firewall logs
    * vpn (if there is one)
    * tcpdump on the server
    * logs on the server

    Have fun.
    And bring some coffee
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    Upgrade kernel...


    In my knowledge, upgrading kernel version is the best solution. The PC which you are trying to connect has a Marvell chip in it, try to install the upgraded driver for the chip.

    let me know if works.


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