Hey all,
Essentially, I have a wifi network in the area that I pay for. They give me a user name and password, but I have multiple computers and can't sign in with them at the same time (and a xbox ). Basically I want my wrt320N (with tomato usb flashed) to sign in for me and allow all my computers to have access at once. It seems like a simple enough concept, however I'm not sure if Tomato has this capability. I also have squid running on the router. Anyone have an idea? I think cookies are used to keep track of the "sign-in" status. I realize this isn't a tomato forum, but I know tomato is essentially a specialized distro of linux, and it's possible to install some linux programs on it. I have a CIFS drive attached to it as well (where squid is installed). Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks for your help!