I am having trouble compiling in support for 82579LM NIC into a quite custom distro.
I have tried just including the module by compiling a new kernel from source. I have also tried compiling a ko for the nic using intel's source code from there site for this NIC. (I beleve its the same stuff that is in the kernel source though)
The outcome is that the NIC is detected and does work but at a very slow rate. It negociates link fine but there seems to be a performance problem with this device in linux. I am getting 2-3Mbps where I would expect to be getting 60+ on other systems.
I have booted the system into several Live distro's (SUSE) and tested the NIC and under these environments the NIC behares fine. I presume that the distro aurthers have tweeked the kernel they are using to provide better performance (as the kernel verssions are custom) Does anyone have any pointers on how I might be able to improve the performance?
The system I am having this issue in is a HP DC8200 with the new Q67 express chipset.

Cheers OKButton