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    Server Side Browsing over SSH

    Hey everyone, first post so let me know if I'm putting this in the wrong place or if you need more info.

    I've seen a lot on SSH text based browsing or SSH tunneling for secure browsing via your local machine; however, I was wondering the two concepts have ever been combined.

    For instance, is there a browser that runs via SSH to your host (either private or a shared server), but the session (cookies and downloads) all pull down to the server machine?

    I know it's not necessarily ultra useful, but when overseas I could see some usefulness when it comes to pulling several files for multiple individuals where the country or the connection is behind a firewall.

    Thanks in advance for your input!

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    Linux Engineer Kloschüssel's Avatar
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    Isn't that mostly how a (http) proxy would behave? Of course that special proxy can hidden to the public when it accepts only local connections. Connecting to it via ssh (creating a tunneled connection) would let you access the proxy through the tunnel.

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    Linux Newbie hans51's Avatar
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    SSH connection browsing without apache - just on server filesystem is done using konqueror and fish:// protocol
    would be how to connect to / or your server (NOT root of your webspace!!!)

    authentication via installed server keys

    never do things more complicated than absolutely necessary - not sure if what you want is really needed. I love since 10+ yrs thousands of miles away from my remote controlled root servers and above is about all i do besides regular SSH shell connections

    then if you split your window - one local, one remote
    you can drag and drop both ways between local and remote as well as you can locally with a file browser

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