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    Set up Home Server

    I am trying to set up a Linux Home Server *CentOS) with 2 NICs.
    I want my client machine's Inetrnet to route through this server which will act as Firewall.
    I have a seperate Modem/Router connected to the server.
    Any idea how I can achieve this. I am able to connect to Internet from the server but not from the client.

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    What you're trying to do is to set up IP Masquerading, you use iptables to accomplish this. You end up with a 'public' side of your firewall machine (your CentOS server) using your public IP address and a 'private' side using IP addresses in the private range. You can Google up "IP Masquerading with iptables", there's plenty of help out there and its usually explained a lot better than we can do it here in just a couple of forum posts.

    You might want to start here

    There is an alternative too - on my home LAN I have a separate computer for the firewall, and I run Smoothwall Express on that (a Linux distro that turns on old computer into a firewall). It's made up of old junk parts and cast-offs from upgrades over the years, but it means I don't have to get hands-on and dirty with iptables.
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