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    Advice needed on home network with server.

    I'm presently studying Servers and would like to build a network of two computers and two printers, one computer being a Server just available on a home network if this is feasable so I could gain some experience. I would also like to use telnet or shh between them on the home network.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, you can do this with Linux. My suggestion would be to use a LiveCD for one of the popular Linux distros so that you can see which distro you like, and make sure it works well with your hardware. Fedora or Ubuntu are the two most popular, and either would be a good start.

    Once you've got the Linux machine up, you'll probably want to configure the ip address and start the SSH daemon (don't use telnet - it is not secure - unless you have a good reason). If you have a router that assigns ip addresses automatically (DHCP), then your Linux machine may already have an ip address (and access to the internet, for that matter). If you don't want that (as you posted), then configure the interface to be static, and do not provide a default gateway or DNS entries. Once you've got your machine booted, post back and we'll help you do that, if you need the help.

    Note that if your other PC is Windows, you'll need an SSH client, like Putty, to be able to log in to the SSH daemon on your Linux box.


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