SERIOUS newbie needing help with my netbook running linux mint.
Wireless repeater is a Netgear WNR2000RPT.
I have set up the home network with a netgear router and extender. All other MS comps, and my iphone connect to the extender and are able to browse the net.
However my netbook doesn't. It connects successfully, but there is no activity in firefox. The computer is able to connect and browse the net when wirelessly connected to the router, and also when it is connects to the extender through an ethernet cable.
I have no idea where to go now, I have been told to convert to a dynamic ip address but I dont even know how to do that!
ifconfig in terminal showed me that the Local Loopback inet addr:
I have been told that this is not right.
Any help would be great.
Please bear with me i'll probably need step by step help.