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    Slow network access ( decaying ping times )

    I have to say that this has me stumped. I am running a Red Hat 9 box, with an Asus P5GD2 pro momy board. This board has two built on Marvell Yukon Gb lan cards. Now here's the problem.

    I wish to bring this workstation on line as part of my mosix cluster. To do this it must be running the pristine 2.4.28 kernel. Thus I downloaded the sources and built the new kernel. Once this is done I loaded the sk98lin driver from Asus's web site.

    While this driver does indeed work, it is very slow on the pristine kernel. I have ping times measured in the 100's of milliseconds to a machine located on the same lan. What I find to be even more strange is the way in which the ping command behaves.

    When I initiate a ping the time starts very high around 500 ms, it then decays with each successive output until it reaches appr 30 ms. Then it resets to around 500 ms and repeats.

    I do not have this problem with the box kernel that came with RedHat. So I am left to wonder if there is a problem with the kernel con fig.


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    Kinda bizarre to do this, but I may have solved my own problem. I was futzing around in the main boards bios, and I noticed that though both of the sk98lin device are Marvel Yukon yadda yadda yaddas. One of them is a PCI express and one of them is a straight up PCI. When I disabled the PCI express one everything became happy, both of my problems were resolved. Phew.

    Does anybody know if there is a way to make PCI express play nice with a the 2.4.28 kernel. I would like to have both nics working, so that I any use this as a router.


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