I have been trying to setup a NFS server on my PCLOS desktop. Ive successfully managed to share non NTFS partitions and directories.

I have two NTFS partitions on my NFS server ... "DATA 1" and "DATA 2" and an ext4 partition "disk". I mount these partition in "/media/" on my server.

I have tried the following two things..

1. Exporting "/media" as whole .... in which case I can mount it on my NFS client and see the 3 folders. But when I try to access the NTFS folder I cant see the contents. The ext4 partition works fine showing me all the contents and giving full access.

2. I also tried to export each folder directly ("/media/DATA\ 2", "media/disk" .. etc) but this yielded the same result as in the previous case.

The permissions Ive used in all the above cases are (rw,no_root_squash)

How can i get this setup working ??