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    Can NFS run on a dhcp LAN?


    I have 2 pcs running fedora core 2. I plan to use NFS for networking the 2 pcs. A router connects these 2 computers. Currently, the router is set to serve dhcp among the 2 pcs.

    I read up this topic from a book titled 'Using Redhat Linux' by QUE publishing. The steps given are to edit the /etc/hosts file and to use Linuxconf for nfs. In both cases, the computer name must be given followed by the IP address.

    My question is that since dhcp has no fixed IP addresses for the computers, how do I supply the IP addresses? Does NFS require static IP addresses or if not, how do I enable NFS on a dhcp network?
    If NFS does require static IPs, will my network still be able to share internet connection and files if I disable the router as a dhcp server?

    THanks for the replies.

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    Static IP's are recommended for all machines with "server functions", but far from required.

    Since you only have two PC's I can't really see the need for DHCP, IP management will be very easy.

    A less attractive option is to configure and use dynamic dns so the dhcp client will update it's IP in the dns server when leased.

    For the Internet connection sharing bit, just set the router as the primary gateway on the two pc's.

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    MAC addr ip reservations

    You can reserve one unique ip address in your dhcp lease pool using the lan interface MAC address.
    host pc1 {
    hardware ethernet 00:C0:26:26:5F:61;
    option hostname "pc1.lan.mydomain.local";

    host pc2 {
    hardware ethernet 00:C0:26:26:5C:73;
    option hostname "pc2.lan.mydomain.local";


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