Hi All,

I have a small home network and want to get internet connetion sharing working. I've looked at other posts and tried to follow the suse specific ones as I've got suse 9.2 for the server, and clients

My "Server" has the modem attached so I've used Yast > Security & Users > Firewall to set my modem0 as the external and eth0 and the internal. I've also enabled "forward traffic and do masquerading".

On a workstation, I've added the same entries in /etc/resolv.conf as on the server and setup the gateway via Yast to be my server's IP address (

Looking at the posts this looks like all I need to do, but it still does not work. Any ideas please?

Do I also need to change anything in the Firefox connection settings on my workstation as I've left this as direct connection as I'm not using a proxy?