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    Configuring Bind9

    I have a question, that I hope is simple.

    Currently I have bind9 on my router and it's working fine.

    I was wondering how to make it that when I type in a hostname into the browser/ping, that I don't need to put the FQDN.

    Lets say I have an A record (This could just as well be a CNAME etc) that points
    exampledomain >

    So for example:
    If I type in:

    It will timeout, because the domain doesn't exist.

    But, if I type in

    It will go to the IP address.

    How can I set it up, that if it "assumes" I'm typing in the FQDN, before timing out etc?

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    Try editting your /etc/resolv.conf file:
    nameserver blah
    so if you want to ping host 'whatever', your query will assume you want to ping ''

    Not really a DNS server setting though, its more of a client side setting.
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    Hey scathefire,

    Thanks for your reply! I did this and it wasn't working. Then I remembered I didn't set my domain correctly in my DHCP server, it now works!

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