I am new to linux, and I also have a similar problem.
i.e. I need to connect multiple 3g modems to single PC and connect them to the internet simultaneously,
then I will have same number of network cards on the same PC and the NICs and 3G modems are connected using an application.( thus the PC will act like router.)

data-> NIC_01 >> 3G_01->
data-> NIC_02 >> 3G_02->
data-> NIC_03 >> 3G_03->

and so on...

could you please advise me on how I should proceed to do this.


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Hi guys! Im building an application where I want to be able to have 3 USB UMTS modems in one computer.

Does anyone have experience in using several modems at the same time?
I also want them to be able to be up and running at the same time,each connected to a different network through VPN tunnels.

So far, I have connected two Option Globetrotter Mini PCI Express cards with USB cradles (this is the option embedded development kit)
But I can use any modem, I also have two Option Globesurfer ICON that I can try If I need to, and I have PCCARD Globetrotters aswell.

If I have two USB modems they register as two seperate devices, the first getting usbtty0 to 3 and the second usbtty4-7

I use OpenSuse 10.3

do you think that will be any problems in calling with two or three modems at the same time?

Do I need to use PPP dial or can I get them to turn up like network interfaces so I can see them in IFCONFIG?

Thankfull for any advice