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    2 NICs on same subnet

    Hi All,

    I need help!
    i'm with a problem and i didn't find a solution nowhere. In fact, i'm confused even how to find this my problem in the forums for example.

    Well, i have a equipment with Linux Centos and 2ethernet ports. I enabled 2 ports, eth0 and eth1, and configured them with static ips (eth0 = and eth1 = Ok!

    If i plug 2 ethernet cables, one for each, i can to ping my equipment by 2 ips, and But, if i remove the cable from eth1, i still can to ping in these 2 ips. After of this i can to disable the eth1 and 2 ips still will be available for me in the eth0 port.

    I did a test, and if i configure the 2 ips in distinct subnets this problem doesn't occur.

    Right now, if i to plug the cable in eth1 will not do difference, just eth0 port is working.

    Someone know about this? Sorry,but my english is not so good...


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    Trusted Penguin Irithori's Avatar
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    It doesnt work that way.

    You need to create a "bond" device first, that consists of eth0 and eth1.
    Once you have that, you can then create aliases on it to have multipe IPs in the same network.
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    Linux Enthusiast scathefire's Avatar
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    The reason you are able to ping 2 IPs regardless of if its plugged in may be a result of having forwarding enabled. With ip forwarding, even if the cable is unplugged to one NIC, the other will pass it through.
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    Trusted Penguin Irithori's Avatar
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    Yes, and packets are only routed to one interface.
    That explains the ping results.
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    The first thing: Thanks at all!

    For scathefire
    net.ipv4.ip_forward = 0
    It seems disabled.

    For Irithori
    Yes, i know bonding but i want know if this behavior is normal?

    There is a method for disable this behavior?
    Without bonding, I want that if I disconnect eth1 then i shouldn't ping!

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    Linux Engineer Kloschüssel's Avatar
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    Does pinging still work when you do:

    $ ifdown eth1
    and then unplug the cable from eth1?

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