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    How can I share files between Windows 7 and Lbuntu ?

    I just installed Lbuntu on my Computer and now I want to access a Windows 7 Homegroup on my network with my Lbuntu Computer. What do I have to do in order to accomplish that?

    Thank you


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    You need to install and configure SAMBA. Take a look here for information about SAMBA. You need to focus on the section labelled "Configuring Samba Clients".

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    To share files between both computers, you can also go along ssh with sshfs or scp. Or if you are willing to spend 2 hours of your life, you may want to try webdav. Either way: the functionality on the winX side can provide programs called "WinSCP" and/or "NetDrive". Note that there is also the NFS protocol, but I don't know how well supported it is on winX machines. It looks like there are ways of having it natively on winX (, but I have never tried it.

    There are lots of solutions around, each having their own flaws. Depending on which files you want to share one solution may be better suited than the other. But you would have to tell us more so that we can help you there.

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    I did install SAMBA but when I start it in order to configure it, right when I key in my administrator password, SAMBA closes down. I have no idea what causes that?
    - Ludwig

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    Thank you Kloschuessel (funny name)

    I have to add that I am a total newbie with Linux so terms like ssh and sshfs or scp don't mean a lot to me at the moment. I will have to find something that is relatively easy to handle. SAMBA looked good to me, but it doesn't seem to work on my Lbuntu machine.
    The files I want to share are in general just word docs, mp3's, videos and pictures. I will check into webdav.
    I any case I thank you for your help!

    - Ludwig

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    The easiest way I've found to connect to a Windows share is to install nautilus file browser (using e.g. synaptic or apt-get install nautilus), and select the File / Connect to server... menu item.
    select Windows share
    Server: 192....etc
    Share: Windows shared folder name
    Add bookmark: checked
    Bookmark name: Name to appear for future use/click

    and click connect - worked here as non-root user

    ... Have found that some files opened in the nautilus view aren't saved by some packages (e.g. leafpad) but are by e.g. gimp.
    Copying and Pasting in the shared folder does work.
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