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    Per IP based Bandwidth allocation


    I have been trying to setup a system that we are planning on putting into a few hotels around my city, and the biggest problem I've run into is how to manage bandwidth distribution. Here's what I want:

    Bandwidth per user to be distributed by ( Max Bandwidth / Amount of Users ), so if there is one user, they get 100 percent. Second user comes online, bandwidth gets split between them 50 percent each. Two more users come online, bandwidth gets split to 25 percent each. Three users leave, bandwidth goes back to 100 percent to single user. We have been having an issue with one bandwidth hog coming in and causing virtually everyone else in the hotel to not have any bandwidth.

    I have been researching into this for quite a bit now, and most of the solutions are only QoS based, not exactly what we're looking for. Some of the other fixes are based on splitting the bandwidth for streams, but if user 1 has an application only using 1 stream and user 2 has an application using 7 streams, that means user one gets 1/8 and user 2 gets 7/8, doesn't really fix the problem.

    Any help on this would be great, we have looked at NetEqualizer as an option and it seems to do what we want, but the cost is far too high, there has to be a cheaper solution. I have also looked into Bandwidth Arbitrator but have had no luck with it.

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    Take a look at 'tc' (Traffic control).


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