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    Traffic shaping with Ubuntu?

    Hey everyone, I've been having a bit of a problem lately trying to play Battlefield 3 on my PS3 when other computers are running on my network.

    I'm looking for a program or method to set bandwidth limits on some devices to try to guarantee the PS3 enough bandwidth to play without lagging.

    With the research I have done what I can find is that there is something called Quality of Service (QoS), and traffic shaping -- which are good and fine but I don't believe my Westell router supports them and I don't want to have to do anything crazy with my router.

    And I am a Linux greenhorn so something simple would be ideal.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated by me and my BF3 squad.

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    If you want to traffic shape the traffic of other hosts, you either:

    1] have to do that on each host or
    2] have to set up the router to prioritize your traffic over other traffic

    If you do 1], all you can do is limiting the incoming and outgoing bandwidth for every host. If the sum of the other hosts incoming/outgoing bandwidth is smaller than the available internet connection speed, the remaining bandwidth falls to you. My personal premise here is: it's a horror to set up and maintain.

    Therefore you will probably want to do 2] and control the traffic in one central place - which is your router. Either that router supports it or you have to replace it with a router that can. If it turns out to become a linux router I would recommend you to search the internets about "traffic control (tc)", "iptables" and "iproute2".

    In terms of iptables, prioritizing traffic can be easy as that: More sophisticated solutions may be much more complicated.


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