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    And anudder one.

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    And anudder one.

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    After chasing this webdav thing around for a week I've come to the conclusion it doesn't work well enough for my needs, YMMV. I mounted a remote filesystem using davfs and it works very well for browsing that remote filesystem but if you move files to/from the remote filesystem you quickly run into problems with file locks. Seems if you write a file to a remote directory you can't access that directory again for many, many minutes because the directory gets locked. That doesn't work for me because I need to move files from my system to the remote system without a lot of waiting or fiddling with file locks. Cadaver has the ability to fiddle with the locks but I don't have the time or desire to learn all about that.

    Enter lftp, an advanced ftp client that is apparently part of the core-utils on Ubuntu and mayb other distros too. lftp is fantastic! It has a mirror command that allows you to mirror a remote directory and all its subdirectories on your own filesystem. The miror command can also work in reverse which allows you to mirror a directory on your system to a remote directory. There are numerous options for the mirror command that allow you to do the job exactly the way you need it done and it's entirely scriptable. I run it as a cron job and it's simply marvelous.

    Funny, I began this thread saying ftp isn't user friendly enough for me. Well, lftp makes it plenty user friendly enough for me. If you need to move a lot of files on a regular basis and the target machine has an ftp server then you really should look at lftp. A simple 4 line script does the trick.

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