i would like to configure a teaming with my 1 GB Dual Intel Cards.

At first I had equipped a bond with the modprobe mode 4 (LACP, Dynamic Link Aggregation). It seems that works but after some tests I saw that only one card is used and not both.

So I browse the internet and found the "iANS" tool from Intel. With this tool can I configure a LAG with SLA (Static Link Aggregation).

www .intel.com/support/network/sb/cs-009747.htm
www .cs.uwaterloo.ca/~brecht/servers/docs/PowerEdge-2600/en/IntelNIC/ans.htm

Under RHEL 6 or CentOS 6 I can't compile files to install the tool. The Intel Support tells me that I contact the os manufacture.

Have you idea to configure a LAG teaming like SLA in Cent OS or RHEL 6?