Hi guys,
I would like to have your opinion on a comment in the ip6mr.c file (kernel The comment follows:

* RFC1584 teaches, that DVMRP/PIM router must deliver packets locally
* not only before forwarding, but after forwarding on all output
* interfaces. It is clear, if mrouter runs a multicasting
* program, it should receive packets not depending to what interface
* program is joined.
* If we will not make it, the program will have to join on all
* interfaces. On the other hand, multihoming host (or router, but
* not mrouter) cannot join to more than one interface - it will
* result in receiving multiple packets.

Does the part "if we will not make it..." mean that such behaviour is not yet implemented in the kernel? Basically, if I have a IPv6 multicast listener on a Linux box acting as multicast router, do I need to have my application listening on all the interfaces if I want to get the multicast messages no matter what is the interface from which they are received?

Thanks in advance for your help!