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Thread: my own server

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    my own server


    I have an old pC (AMD 500Mhz, 64Mb RAM) and was thinking I'd like to set it up as a server.

    The main function would be to act as a web server, for my local network and if possible to the outside world. Is this possible?

    Not worrying about domain names, but is it possible to configure a linux box as a server, and then i could go on any internet connected pc, and go to my linux box's ip and it would show me the files in the public_html directory?

    Is it easy, or well documented on how to do this?

    Also, I connect through a router so will i have to change the port forwarding or anything like that to get it to work?

    I wouldnt want the net connection of the other pc's on the network dependant on the server. Its just something that if i know I will need, i will turn on and leave it on for a few hours while im out, and not use it every day.

    I hope I have explained myself!

    Thanks for any advice...

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    as far as a domain name you can get a redirect from like mine (see my signiture)
    linux makes a great server platform...actualy better than m$ products
    apache is the webserver mostly used <<<doc's and software
    yes forward port 80 in order for ppl on the internet to use it
    and bah! mine runs 24/7
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    But if i forward port 80 to my erver, wont everyone else on my network loose there internet connection? Wont it screw it up?

    We have a broadband modem, pluged into a wireless router, which shares the net connection for my 2 housemates and me. I'd want it so that the server didnt effect the net on there computers, but if it was on and u went to the servers ip, u would see the public_html.

    so is apache all I would need? Ive used it before but only for web serving on the same pc, never networked it before!

    Thanks for your quick reply!

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    Forwarding port 80 won't mess anything else up. I have a server, cable connection and a roughter and everything works fine.

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