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    The problem is not in the iptables and not in the router so... whats are possibilities now?

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    Maybe your internet service provider is blocking the port.
    Go to
    ShieldsUp and get a port scan

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    This website is not working properly i have ports open and working on the windows but the shieldsup says:

    0 Ports Open
    0 Ports Closed
    1056 Ports Stealth
    1056 Ports Tested

    to the linux it says exactly the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joaogl View Post
    If i buy a DNS like

    Can i use the joaogl.yoto the server? or is not that is an other thing

    I mean when this works i would like to have in the ip some thing like for example..... can i do it?

    And if i do it do you think the problem will be resolved?
    That depends on how you do your hosting. If the domain name you buy is associated with your public ip address, then you'll have the exact same problem. if you want to play around with your own domain name, try first, you can register for free and get 2 hostnames (like, for example) to associate with your account.

    However, if you have some company host your webserver (like an expensive VPS you mentioned wanting to avoid earlier), then you *might* be able to get things working, b/c they will surely have port forwarding all figured out before hand. Of course, they may block certain ports or applications - that all depends on the provider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joaogl View Post
    The problem is not in the iptables and not in the router so... whats are possibilities now?
    have you tried swapping the ports? I.e., stop the server used on the Windows box, and assign that port to the server running on the Linux server.

    have you tried a Live Linux distro?

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    Im back
    Ive reinstalled all the linux system and with the iptables stoped it still doesnt working...

    when i do that test it gives me the same result as before..

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    and now talking about DNS provider im registred in one
    i have DNS now how can i set it up on linux?

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    I'm not going to read through everything that was told to you above. It really isn't hard for this to work and you just need to set everything up.

    1. Get your domain hosted on an external DNS server. Point the records to your public IP Address
    2. On your router setup forwarding so that when someone tries to connect to your IP Address they are redirected to your server
    3. Setup your server to only allow connections to the port that you need them to connect to.

    I am going to brutally honest here, if you cannot do the above without asking for a step-by-step instructions you should not be running any system that give access to the internet as you will be hacked within minutes of being on line and be owned.

    You need to understand how things work long before you setup a server on the internet. Sure we could give you step-by-step instruction but that doesn't help you when something goes wrong. You still will not have a clue as to what has happened or how to begin to figure out how to fix it.

    Newbees want to put something on the internet without having a clue and want step-by-step instructions on how to do it. These same newbee come back within a week claiming they have been hacked and don't understand how it could happen and want to blame everyone but themselves for their lack of understanding of what they are getting into.

    These are the facts and you being here now asking such a simple question and not being able to figure it out is my point.
    You are no where ready to be setting up a server on the internet.


    The adventure of a life time.

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