hello to everyone,pleased to join your community!

i have a P4 machine with Debian 6.0.5 XFCE and i want to turn it into a VPN server. i want to share all my files (music,movies etc.) throughout a wireless home network. i tried a dozen of guides with pptpd and openvpn but i can seem to make it work.my router's a NETGEAR DGN2200. here's a map of the network i wanna create:

Pentium4 [Debian 6.05 XFCE] - server
Sony Vaio laptop [Kubuntu 11.10] - client
AMD Phenom II x6 multiboot [Fedora 16 GNOME, Windows 7 x64] - client Sony Xperia Arc [Android 2.3.7 - Cyanogenmod 7.2] - client

Please any help, guide, steps, will be much appreciated...i'm busting my head for days now...

Here's a couple of guides i followed (unsuccessfully):