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    Getting Centos5.8 OpenVPN server up

    Dear all,
    I have set up a Centos5.8 server and have been following this tutorial in order to set up OpenVPN.

    It's not working for me. Could someone clarify for me whether there should be two folders in /etc/ 'openvpn' and 'OpenVPN'. Im guessing there should only be one, but think I may be wrong. At the moment I have it set up so there is only one folder called /etc/openvpn with everything in it.

    I am using a Xubuntu machine to connect with the certificates with network-manager. I had to run this command to add it to gnome:
    sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome


    Forgot to mention, if you follow the tutorial, I used:
    rpm -Uvh
    instead of the one they used, as I am using a 64 bit machine, and the epel repo has been moved to

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    are you trying to use a pre-shared secret key? that is the easiest way to do it. you can make it with the --genkey option. create it on one server, then securely copy it to the other.

    yes, /etc/openvpn/ is the only directory you need, the secret key can go in there.

    show the openvpn config files for your two machines, that will help us to trouble-shoot.

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    I struggled for ages with this and it turned out to be the gui as per this post here:

    Connecting using the command line works fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stu2000 View Post
    Connecting using the command line works fine.
    one of the reasons why I hate GUIs...

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