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    sendEmail - as sign of other problem?

    MY OS: Ubuntu 12.04
    PROBLEM: sendEmail-1.56 does not work
    BACKGROUND: Formerly, under Ubuntu 11.10, no issue with sendEmail

    Hello: I hope this forum is the right place for this question.

    After the upgrade listed above, I now receive errors such as the following when trying to use sendEmail (note, the fact that this is a gmail account has nothing to do with the problem, I am certain):

    Jun 22 18:40:02 mylinuxbox sendEmail[15404]: WARNING => The recipient <e-mail.address> was rejected by the mail server, error follows:
    Jun 22 18:40:02 mylinuxbox sendEmail[15404]: WARNING => Received: 550 5.1.1 <e-mail.address>: Recipient address rejected:
    Jun 22 18:40:02 mylinuxbox sendEmail[15404]: ERROR => Exiting. No recipients were accepted for delivery by the mail server.

    My suspicion is that after the upgrade, there is something happening between sendEmail and localhost that is causing this but I'm really not qualified to make an accurate speculation. I think the error messages shown above are misleading. The problem is within my linux setup and not outside the box.

    I will not be surprised to be asked for additional details but hope that this question at least opens the door for assistance.


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    Sounds like your email settings are wrong. What is the email program are you using? Do you have the same problem with email using the web browser.

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    sendEmail: problem solved

    I believe the problem was related to a re-installation of postfix. The fix involved using the following command:
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix

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