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    Ethernet card on old linux based operating system

    Hello well the background is basically we machine chipboard to size, at present our customers send us drawings and then we transfer them to floppy disk, load the floppy disk into the machine then obviousley boot the file from there, however with PDF's and various other file formats becoming exceedingly large its important we get the machine networked so it can drag the files from the network and then it makes no odds as to how large the files are.

    However, we have a problem, to upgrade the machine itself is a small fortune, the manufacturer of the machine no longer supports the machine so its left down to us, Now im not sure what linux based operating system it is however i have included a picture, can anyone get me as far as telling me the OS so i can then go and find a Ethernet driver for it, or even T base?
    biessie no 2.jpg

    Hope anyone can help Or recomend an Ethernet card for the machine, it must have an ISA slot


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    It is LynXOS made in 1997

    Networking PDF Link for lynxos

    User guide pdf for lynxos

    Hope anyone can help Or recomend an Ethernet card for the machine, it must have an ISA slot
    1997. I have a netbook that is a doorstop made around then (p66, 12MB edo ram),. pcmcia slot is 16 bit so I can't use my 32bit pcmcia ethernet card on it with kernel 2.6 running Blue Flops. So it is a door stop netbook for now. So unless you give better specs on that gear on whether 32 bit or 16 bit and interface for card exactly. Hard to recommend something

    Here is the search term I used in google also for your screenshot

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    If possible buy a newer computer and you will be fine for the next 20 years or so. Computers have become cheap and should be affordable for a company.


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