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    how to route traffic through a guest VM

    Here's my situation.
    I have Fedora 14, virtual box and a windows XP guest.

    I can not vpn to the corporate network via linux, but it works quite well on my xp guest.

    What steps do I need to take so that traffic that for certain IP addresses get routed through the windows xp guest.

    The xp guest is a bridged adapter for it's network. I've been on linux for quite a while, but have never done anything like this.

    Any suggestions?

    (don't want to go down the rabbit hole of getting the vpn working on linux as the root problem there is it's anyconnect and it must run a script on the host and they specifically are not letting linux come in)

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    just some additional info.

    I tried enabling routing on my XP guest.
    by enabling it in the registery.

    it looks like the routing is enabled checking ipconfig /all.

    On linux host I did this.

    ip route add via dev eth0

    where of couse those are not valid IP's but the 9.9.9.X network is the range of IP's on the corporate network I'm trying to get at and is the IP of the xp guest.

    I can ping the XP guest, but this just doesn't appear to work for me as I'm missing some step in this.

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