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    setup linux server as dhcp router and vlan manager

    hi linuxforums!
    ok, so i work at a 'computer rental' type print shop. we have a few xerox printers that i want to allow customers to print to without having access to our internal network. the printers have an "upload print' feature that allows you to upload a PDF, jpg etc when you go to the machines IP in your browser. i want to give customers with laptops access to this, but i need those printers to also be accessible to our internal network.

    one xerox tech i talked to told me setting up a vlan would be the right way to go. right now i already have a headless crunchbang (statler) server running with webmin and im hoping that i can accomplish this with that.

    im hoping someone who has done this before can link me to a guide, of how i would accomplish this. ive never set up a vlan before, so i dont know what info i should provide. i know that none of the switches we have are managed switches. here are 2 images. the first of how our network is set up now, and the second is how i want it to be. the red lines are what i want to be the 'guest' network.

    desktop network.jpg
    desktop network 2.jpg

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    if this is not the right place to ask, maybe someone could point me in the right direction?

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    This linux machine statler is not in a position to separate traffic.

    I would replace both 8 port linksys switch and hub with a 24 port managed switch.
    Connect with colorcoded ethernet cables:
    a) printers
    b) customer workstations
    c) the linux and windows server
    d) admin station
    e) router

    Then login to the switch and define port based vlans:
    For a start, I would suggest to leave all switch ports for c) and d) in the default vlan 1
    Then put all the b) in e.g. vlan 1000 (the number doesnt matter). Make sure, that vlan 1000 is the *only* one assigned here.
    The switchports for the printers need to have two vlans: 1 and 1000

    One question: Which machine provides dhcp?
    If it is the linksys router and if you want to keep it that way, then e) also needs both vlans.
    Consequences are, that the customer workstations have internet access
    and the router is reachable by them. So it is hopefully password protected.
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