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    Forward outgoing request to a remote server only for some destinations

    Hi to all, first topic here :P

    I have:

    - A dedicated server hosted in US, ip
    - A VPS hosted in FR, ip

    Both server have Linux/Debian, and only one ip each (eth0)

    What i need:

    All outgoing traffic from exit normally to internet,
    EXCEPT for destination IP X,Y,Z,etc, that i want to be done by server.
    The it's dedicated to this, and accept connections ONLY from

    I'm newbie about networking.
    I understand i need to create "route" in, and
    enabling IP forwarding with some iptables rule (nat? masquerading?) in

    It's possible to do with only one IP on

    Thanks for help!

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    Maybe this can help, the command you are looking for is called "route" and you can use it with the following options (I only show here whats relevant to your goals:

    add a new route.
    the destination network or host. You can provide IP addresses in dotted decimal or host/network names.
    the target is a network.
    the target is a host.
    netmask NM
    when adding a network route, the netmask to be used.

    So the command would be something like:
    route add -net netmask dev eth0
    eth0 being the interface you want to forward the packets to.

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