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    Can you do seperate DHCP Ranges based on interface?

    I current volunteer at a local business which is attempting to restore a national historic landmark. I've ran into my limitations of my dhcpd server knowledge in the configuration which would like to be attempted. I have a centralized server which is acting as a router/firewall/proxy/DNS/DHCP server. What I would like to do is create the network as on a bonded interface that has 3 interfaces but have the DHCP assignment ranges be different based on the incoming interface. Eth1 would be range - and all other interfaces would be range - I have all other configurations needed (Iptables, Interfaces, Proxy, DNS) except the DHCP configuration file. I've also attached high level pictures of the current network and the wanted network.
    The current configuration unfortunately is not big enough as there are times there are 200+ people on the grounds which are attempting to obtain an IP address. The new design should allow future growth.
    Is the new configuration possible with DHCP and if so can anyone help? If it is not possible, what options do I have or should I research?
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    Some distrubution use keyword like DHCPDARGS=eth0, some use INTERFACES="eth1".

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    Quote Originally Posted by nini09 View Post
    Some distribution use keyword like DHCPDARGS=eth0, some use INTERFACES="eth1".
    The dhcp server does currently work on all internal interfaces (Eth1, Eth2, Eth3), I'm looking for a way to separate the DHCP range based on what interface the DHCP request is coming in on.

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    I think you want to bind DHCP range with particuliar interface. For example, eth1 range is - You should define a DHCP range and use keyword DHCPDARGS or INTERFACES to bind the range with eth1 interface.

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