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    can not access wireless device from wireless device...


    I am experiencing something odd. I can not connect to a vnc server running on a wireless machine(windows xp) from a wireless laptop(ubuntu). Although, i can connect to the vnc server (wireless machine windows xp) from a wired laptop(ubuntu). I confirmed the network settings and turned off the firewall software, but still no luck. I ran a tcpdump between both machines and can provide it if you think it will help.


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    Can you ping wireless server from wireless laptop? The tcpdump may help.

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    can not access wireless device from wireless device...

    I can not ping the wireless server from the wireless laptop. I attached a tcpdump between my laptop and the server, where my laptop is trying to access a web server on the wireless server. Not sure if it will help. Thanks again, Bob...
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    Since you are not able to ping one machine from another, the problem might be that both your machines are not on the WLAN. To connect them in the wireless lan, you need a wifi hub/router or you can make any of your computer a wifi hub.
    I hope you are just trying to connect both your machines without a hub hardware or a software hub.
    I don't know about windows, but ubuntu certainly has an inbuilt way to make the machine a wifi hub.. please check out the following link --
    Hope that helps.


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    To determine if you are connected to an AP or not and if you are the last TX rate used you can use the command below.
    Example output when associated AP:
    iw dev wlan0 link
    Connected to 04:21:b0:e8:c8:8b (on wlan0)
    SSID: attwifi
    freq: 2437
    RX: 2272 bytes (18 packets)
    TX: 232 bytes (3 packets)
    signal: -57 dBm
    tx bitrate: 36.0 MBit/s

    Example output when not connected to an AP:
    iw dev wlan0 link
    Not connected.

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