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    how to connect wlan0 to static access point


    I want to connect my wireless device which is wlan0 to an static access point. How can i configure my laptop?

    I used Linux UBUNTU 10.04 LTS, and my access point (AP) is cisco aironet 1200 series. I configure my AP to be in static mode with it i configure the IP address to be '' (masquerading mode) and the essid name is 'mimos1'. When i run the commond :

    sudo iwlist scanning
    i got some access point listed including AP (mimos1). When i manually click at the icon at the network connection to connect the AP (mimos1) it loading for awhile, but suddenly drop it connection to AP (mimos1). It also don't get any ip address.

    But, if i connect to other DHCP AP, it connected successfully and got the dhcp ip address as well.

    How i can configure my laptop to connect to AP (mimos1) even though it in static mode or in other name, the AP doesnt have internet access on it, just static IP.

    Please help me


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    Thank you for suggesting me happy for that. But... I think that not the problem that i face because i can connect to another AP normally (which the AP have internet connection or DHCP). I already try and follow the link you give but i still not work well. I try to connect to AP (static), but it keep loading for awhile.. than it turn off. I dont know how

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    You seem to have a problem there.
    Do you have just one router?
    Why i ask is that i have three routers, one connected to the fast broadband internet modem then i have a switch of which is attached by a long Ethernet cable, on this switch i have the second router which is on access point, the third is by wireless that is talking to the AP.
    You might have to look in your cisco router manual to see if there are any adjustments you need to make so that you can get the router to switch both ways picking up DHCP as well as a static address. It is easier with three routers because you can turn off the main one and still have access to other servers such as mine. Cisco routers are beyond me at the moment but if you give me the make and model i will look it up and see if we can sort it out.
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    Thank you for replying again. Actually i working on PMIPv6 test-bed. The AP will connected the one PC which act as MAG. So the AP just needed to be on masquered mode and the ip static. So no internet connection on my pmipv6 test bed. Just local network only. If i connect my laptop which using window 7, it will connected successfully with the AP. it get the temporary ip address from AP, which it forwarded from MAG. The ip is ipv6 address and it local only and not connected to internet. The problem is ubuntu. It cannot allow wireless wlan0 to connect to AP which dont have internet connectivity. . It will loading for awhile to be connected, but than, it drop and lost connection with that AP. My ubuntu device can connect to another AP which in dhcp mode and connect to internet access. Did u know any configuration on this problem?
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    I think you need a "network manager" program in Ubuntu, i needed one in Fedora 17 to access something similar.
    Some more on it here:
    Wicd – Wired and Wireless Network manager for Ubuntu*|*Ubuntu Geek

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