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    Crossover cable network between XP and Gentoo to share 'net

    I am trying to connect my Gentoo box to my XP computer for the purpose of sharing an internet connection. I don't have any hardware to do this except the NICs from the computers and a crossover cable. I have previously successfully used the same setup to connect an XP box where the Gentoo box is now.

    Here's what I have done thus far:
    Manually set the NIC on the gateway computer to IP:, Subnet mask, Default Gateway, DNS Server, WINS Server all set to ""

    Set the DSL modem connection ICS: (true) allow other network users to connect though this computer's Internet connection. All the other settings for that are automatic (DHCP, auto get DNS, automatic private IP, etc.)

    /etc/conf.d/net changes: (only changes on the Gentoo box)
    the only un-commented lines are
    iface_eth0=" broadcast netmask"

    from the Gentoo laptop:
    # ping
    connect: Network is unreachable

    from the XP box:
    Pinging... blah blah
    Ping timed out.
    Ping timed out.
    Ping timed out.
    Ping timed out.


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    Can you Gentoo box ping itself.
    Also you do have 2 Nic's on your M$ box or you have a USB modem?

    if ethernet, have you tryed connecting your modem right to your gentoo box?
    if so did it work?

    Please provide us with these informations

    Thanks in advance
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