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    public dns server


    How can i setup a public dns server like google public dns or opendns ?

    Hope someone can help me

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    If you know how to setup your own NS inside your own linux box, then you do the same procedure on a public IP and have your public NS.

    There are many free public NS out there (google, etc) and I would see no benefits in having one more privately financed. Its just one more risk and one more server to care for. To be of any use you need a dedicated fast server else there is no benefit for users.

    I ran my own 3 NS on my previous 3 dedicated servers - but never as public servers. I also run since some 10 yrs my own NS in my linux box to bipass any ISP controlled (censored) www access problems.

    why would you want to create a public NS? any particular reason?

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    How can i setup a public dns server like google public dns or opendns ?
    This is a guide how one can set up a scalable DNS cluster:

    Building Scalable DNS Cluster using LVS - LVSKB

    And you most likely have to learn how the hardware of such clusters should look like. To have a decent availability you're going to need at least two independent internet connections with decent upstream and a cluster for each sites consisting of at least two computers built for 24/7 uptime.

    However, the cost of such systems grows pretty soon into horrible sums and thus I agree that one can easily live with googles public dns and a small local dns server that provides fast non-authoritative dns lookups for local LAN clients by caching DNS requests (see dnsmasq).

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