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    BIND9 CNAME/A Records

    So, I've got Bind9 running and configured on a router which acts as the DNS for my LAN.

    I want to setup so that when I resolve a hostname, it goes to a certain IP.

    I currently have:
    $ORIGIN home.mydomain,com. ; designates the start of this zone file in the namespace
    $TTL 1h ; default expiration time of all resource records without their own TTL value
    ; BIND data file for mydomain,com
    ;$TTL 604800
    IN SOA home.mydomain,com. home.mydomain,com. (
    2011120301 ; Serial
    7200 ; Refresh
    120 ; Retry
    2419200 ; Expire
    604800) ; Default TTL

    IN NS localhost.

    ns A
    home.mydomain,com. IN A
    voip.mydomain,com. IN A
    voip IN A
    ;winpc IN A
    ;voip. mydomain,com. CNAME home.mydomain,com.
    ;ld IN CNAME hotmail,com.
    All hostnames work in my current search domain ($ORIGIN) (So, for example, if I ping winpc, it will resolve to

    I can also type in ld and it will resolve to hotmail,com.

    If I type in home.mydomain,com, it resolve to (Or what ever I set it to), however, if I type in voip.mydomain,com, or any other TLD, or sub-domain, it resolves to what ever my ISP would.

    So, it's only resolving home.mydomain,com, or what ever else I place in the $ORIGIN correctly.

    Is there any way to configure BIND9 to do A records, or CNAME records for all domains?

    Basically, I want it to look in its own internal records, before requesting from the internet, if it can't find a record, then request from ISP.

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    Change your $ORIGIN home.mydomain,com. to $ORIGIN mydomain,com..
    Origin is your domain only without a host.
    I would also remove all the from your zone file as it really isn't needed.


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