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    Enable Multicasting

    I have followed these steps to test Multicasting in Linux.

    1. Connect two PCs running with Linux-FC8 through switch (D-Link).
    2. Assign IPs statically to both the PCs, ip( and
    3. Execute below command in both PCs.
    echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
    3. As it's advised to use the following ip in range through for Multicasting,
    Execute below commands in both the PCs :
    ip maddr add dev eth0
    4. Execute below command in any PC.

    No response from other PC. Ping failed.
    we observed the tracedump,
    IP > : ICMP echo request, id 64273, seq 7, length 64

    Please suggest, how to enable multicasting in Linux.

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    What tutorial are you following or where did you get the information on how to setup multicast?

    The simplest way to see if your system is multicast ready is to run the following command;

    Look in the output for multicast under the flags.


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    Yes, ifconfig shows 'multicast'

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