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    Help needed with simple router distro choice

    First off, hello everybody. I'm new to these forums and while not a novice at linux-work, definitely a newbie when it comes to networking and configuration.

    I wanted to host a ip masquerading server/router on a following rig:
    - AMD Athlon Barton
    - 1GB DDR1
    - 4GB HDD
    - built in LAN interface, by mac address it appears to be MSI but who did it for MSI? i think realtek; either way, it just works
    - additional PCI LAN card with realtek chip (this one works fine too)
    - Radeon 9800 graphics

    The purpose was to route my PS3 internet connection through that PC to my BTHomeHub router.

    I initially managed to get Ubuntu Server 12.04 working on that PC; followed some tutorials and such. After 2hrs+ of fiddling I managed to get that PC connected to the internet. My PS3 was successful in acquiring IP address but it simply would not connect to the internet. I've checked my routing tables multiple times and they appeared correct - although I didn't quite understand the idea how this connection is passed through from eth1 to eth0.

    Basically, I used tutorial on connection sharing from ubuntu website (iptables method) only to find out that I cannot get it to work.

    After one more hour I was beyond caring. I've checked:
    - PS3 <-> PC was a crossover cable
    - PC <-> router was a straight cable (if it would even matter)
    - pinging google with PC gave expected outcome
    - trying apt-get however, resulted in an error
    - on PS3, it shown that no connection to the internet can be made instantly after acquiring ip address

    Given the configuration in which I installed Ubuntu (I don't have x-server running) I'm supposedly looking for a distro that will make things easy. Quick run through a google suggested Devil-Linux but I wanted to check if experienced members of linux/bsd community could make that a clearer choice for me.

    for tl;dr

    My requirements are following:
    - easy pass-trough setup with eth0 and eth1 in order to connect device at eth1 end to the roter connected at eth0 end
    - additional features required: netem and tbf packages in order to model and restrict traffic through/from my PS3 giving my router an easier time while, let's say, hosting Call of Duty matches
    - support for almost decade-old x86 rig with decent specs
    - optionally lightweight install but live distros are fine too

    Thank you in advance for any help given.

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    Personally I use ClearOS. The main distro is free, but they do sell additional services.

    I am still too new to post a link so, just Google ClearOS or Clear Foundation or goto clearfoundation dot com

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    Thanks for the answer. However, I'm not sure how netem can be used if it's only or mainly managed through http. I'll give it a try though. Thanks!

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