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    Exclamation Can't get DHCP IP during public network

    Dear Experts,
    I have a TI DM8148 EVM board REV C, the EZSDK5.05 package, and DVRRDK1.09 package.
    EZSDK5.05, DVRRDK1.09 both use Linux2.6.37, however, there are some modifications between these two kernels.

    When I use uImage of DVRRDK1.09 to boot up EVM board, this board can be given a DHCP IP from my office network, but uImage of EZSDK5.05 can't. I try to build a DHCP Server on my local PC, let EZSDK5.05 and DVRRDK1.09 get DHCP IP from my local PC, both uImage can get DHCP IP. Any body can tell me what's the problem ??

    (One board with two version kernel, one kernel can get DHCP IP from my office network, the other one can't. But both kernel can get DHCP IP from my local DHCP server.)

    Thx ~


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    Hello and welcome!

    Do you have administrative control over the office DHCP server? It would be helpful to see the DHCP log, to see if there are errors there. Also, perhaps there is MAC-filtering, or some other configuration that is blocking the leasing of an ip to that particular client. Perhaps it is bootp that is enabled on your DHCP server and not in the office DHCP server?

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    Dear Experts,

    I don't have the right to control my office network.

    Thus I use wireshark to log DHCP process of DVRRDK1.09 and EZSDK5.

    However, I can't figure out what's the difference between these two pcap files.

    Hope these two files could help someone to know what's the problem of this issue.

    Log files: https://

    The DHCP process: Connect EVM Board to my Host PC DHCP Server, set bootags ip=dhcp, boot the EVM kernel by using DVRRDK109/EZSDK5.0.

    When connect to my Host PC DHCP Server, these two uImages can both get DHCP IP address.

    But when connect to office network, only DVRRDK109 can get DHCP IP address.

    I flash the SD card by script in EZSDK, the uboot and kernel are pre-built.


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