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    Question DNS Zone File Question


    I am working to create an internal DNS server to help manage hostnames etc for the servers on my internal network.

    I have named all set up and it runs great.

    However the question I have regards creating a zone file so that the DNS server redirects computer hostnames to their respective IP's without having to tag on a domain.

    so currently if you want to ssh to a machine named "Kiska" using a hostname you have to use:

    # ssh kiska.example.lan:
    however I would prefer to simply use only the hostname.

    # ssh kiska:
    How would I create a zone file that has an empty domain?

    Thanks for the help.

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    In case you are using bind, afaik you cannot create a "catch-all" zone.

    But this is not necessary anyway.
    On each client in /etc/resolv.con, define
    domain example.lan
    or, if you have multiple domains to try
    search example.lan example2.lan
    Of course, you do not want to modify each /etc/resolv.conf manually, so this info usually is distributed via dhcp
    dhcp-options(5) - Linux man page
    option domain-name text; 
    option domain-search domain-list;
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