once I have done some research on building a good software firewall and found the following.

in the native platform there are a kind of drivers called hookup drivers. These can be built very easily with the driver development kit provided by the native platform. These driver installs a hook (adds a filter) to the driver software. If operating system have to talk to devices it is only possible through device drivers. These hook up drivers built for a particular device installs a hook to the default device driver of the device in the native platform. So what ever the data that passes through this driver will be routed through the attached filter which will be programmed by us. Basically this filter is of native language. coming to firewall scenario. The hook up driver attaches a filter to the network card driver. And you can only attach one filter to the driver and at any given point of time only one program can use it. So when you install filter all the packets that travels through the driver will be routed through the filter and you can check every packet that comes in and if you feel that you should not allow the packet you can just drop it.

I find this very good. But now when i am searching on how to build a good firewall, i am not able to find anything on net and also there is no information about hookup drivers. so does this concept still works or I have to think in a different way for the currently existing platforms?

I am not developing software for firewall devices. I want to build a firewall for a computer which has simple NIC and mostly not for linux platform.