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    connecting to a cctv camera which is plugged into a 3g router - vpn

    i would dearly love to know the solution to a problem ive got...

    i would like to connect to a cctv camera/ or server which is currently pluigged into a 3g router.
    the 3g router has a built in pptp/openvpn client.

    the vpn client - is registered to a raspberry pi running a pptp server .
    the client , gets the static assigned local ip address from the pptp server.

    the pi raspberry server running pptp is connected to an adsl router with all the usual ports forwarded.1723 etc.

    from the client , i can surf the net no problem.and see the local ips on the main lan side of the adsl router just as if i was physically plugged into the main adsl router.

    the client has a fixed local ip address of

    the raspberry pptp server is

    thsi set up is fine for surfing the net from the client side - but i want more than that - i really want to connect to the camera that is plugged into the 3g routers lan socket.

    ordinarily i buy 3g sim cards that come with a fixed ip address
    and simply forward any inward traffic via portforwarding to the local ip address of the camera which is plugged in to the 3g router - no vpn is used.

    ... but i want to use a pay as you go sim card , with no fixed ip address , and with no publically accessable/reachable ip.... as is the case with the vast majority of u.k sims

    is there a way via a vpn setup that i can reach the camera via vpn tunnel.

    i could do away with the built in vpn clients of the 3g router - i could setup a 3g router with vpn passthru and have a raspberry pi running a client of sorts , and thru the rasp client access the camera "thats near it ..."

    this all sounds complicated to me ,,,and only just congratulate myself that ive managed to set up a raspberry with pptp runnning .... i know ,,, big deal

    any help that can point me in a direction such that i can solve this would be very apprecitaed.

    the problem with 3g sim cards with accessable public ip addresses is that they are expensive ,,,

    is there a way of getting a vpn client itself , to issue further dchp addresses to ancillary devices plugged into - futher dchp addresses that can then in turn be reached lan side and ultimately wan side via port forwarding from the main adsl router?

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    You can connect via a vpn either with a fixed IP address and private key, you can go the less secure userid/password route, or what I do, which is to use a certificate (an .ovpn file) with userid and password. The success of this depends upon the the configuration of the target system you are trying to connect with. Some may ONLY be configured to allow connections via specific IP addresses (not what you want), or it can be configured to allow any access via a known certificate key and user id/password. How to do this in your case? That is another issue which I don't know enough to advise you on. Given the time elapsed since your posing, did you ever get it sorted out?
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