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Thread: RIP question

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    RIP question

    I'm trying to solve a mystery involving RIPv2. And please pardon me if I don't articulate this well. I'm still learning.

    On my Ubuntu machine, I run a program that has a built-in RIP client so that when RIP broadcasts arrive from a certain source - every 5 minutes in this case - the routing table in the program is updated. Lately however, the updates have stopped populating the table and the program no longer 'sees' the RIP broadcasts . I can see the RIP packets using tcpdump or wireshark so I know they are being routed properly to their intended destination.

    The subject program has a configuration file that involves the multicast address but I do not know enough about multicast to know if this is related to the problem. So I guess my question at the moment is...what might be blocking my program from receiving the RIP information? Could it be that the multicast IP is not routed to properly?

    Sorry for long windedness. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    The program that receives routing information through the RIPv2 broadcasts has an IP address on my LAN and that IP needed to have a 'static route' added to my router with the IP of the linux box on which it runs as its gateway. And key to setting this up for a multicast is to make sure the subnet mask is . Although this setting had already been made in the router, I found that I had to remove it and then create it again in order for it to work.

    Now, when I do a capture using wireshark, I can see that the multicast address is being sent by my program.

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