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    How do I set up a POP3 server to receive mail across multiple HDs?

    If I have a data center hosting email, which I want to give people POP3 access to, and the hard drive runs out of capacity, how do I add a server into the mix? ie. so that when a user checks their mail, there'll be a POP3 server on ONE server answering, but their mail will be downloaded from the server that has it? (ie. the system has to keep track WHICH server their mail is on)


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    That would just come down to the users home directory configuration. Think about it this way when you get email you can configure where the mail for each user is stored, typically that is stored in a users home directory. Now if a users home directory is an NFS share that can potentially live on another server and each users home directory can live in different servers (if you really wanted to). I would go about getting NFS shares on the other servers you want to store email on and from your POP3 server configure the users home directories to be on the NFS share, that way you can add capacity to that server if needed (or move things around).

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    Set up an LVM volume on a disc, mounted on the appropriate email directory. When you need to add capacity, you an use the LVM volume manager application to add the new disc to the volume and other system tools (resize2fs for example) to increase the file system space without shutting down the original disc and file system.
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