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    Can someone recommend a good detailed NFS guide?

    Im learning how to setup an NFS server on Debian 7.1 and I'm looking at various guides. They all seem old or too basic. For instance I was following this guide from the website, however it refers to things like portmap, which is deprecated in debian. Please dont give me a "Go search google." response, I've been searching for ages and I still don't understand much about NFS. So, can someone recommend a good detailed NFS guide?

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    Have you bothered to read the various nfs man pages? Also, this set of search terms, "nfs documentation linux", will provide many useful documents and links. If you still don't understand it, take a class...
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    I agree, there isn't much (friendly--like, non-manpage) documentation out there. I just yesterday setup NFS to share my home dir using the doc page you posted and one at linuxhomenetworking. I have everything working good (it seems) except for audio. The docs at sourceforge are a bit dated but still pretty relevant. Is there anything specific you need?

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