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    PTR record only added on IP owner side? no DNS zone?


    i wanted to add PTR record, to my domain so the reverse IP is in PTR points to my nameserver.

    So on my hosting IP provider i set my nameserver for the IP and it now shows in PTR (i used this tutorial:,

    but i want to ask, if i need to setup PTR in my DNS domain zone file too - except in my IP/server provider? IN PTR

    there is no PTR, only A, NS, MX and similar in zone file


    at i see my domain in PTR says:
    100% found no such record
    50.0% NODATA (for this type) at (myserverip)
    50.0% NODATA (for this type) at (myserverip)
    " "NODATA" - a pseudo RCODE which indicates that the name is valid, for
    the given class, but are no records of the given type. A NODATA
    response has to be inferred from the answer."

    The following warnings were generated:

    myserverip allows recursion
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    You need to find out where authority for reverse dns is delegated to. This is usually your ISP that is responsible, if you give me the domain I can probably find out for you.

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