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    High packets per second, how to determine app/cause

    Hello, a NodeWatch software i have on linux VPS host server notiffied me about possible DDoS saying: Nodewatch on MyHostname: Possible DoS VPS VMID (VPSIPHere): 168707 pps during 5 second interval

    Please how i can monitor, determine the application which caused this high PPS (packed per second)? so next time i know which app or IP caused it?

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    You could create a firewall rule to log packets above a certain number then you would see what program is doing it.
    Or you could also create a rule to drop packets after they reach a limit then then the program that isn't working is it.

    Option one is the best but options 2 is faster.


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    Thx, Im newbie, i know i have iptables, but i only know how to add/remove IP port from it. Looked for some iptables generators, but im unsure how these packet log rules should look like?
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    Yup, like the esteemed Guru says "...a firewall rule".

    You are going to use some different features of netfilter-iptables (i.e.- limit module).
    iptables -t filter -I INPUT "num_val" -i ppp0 -m limit --limit-burst 9999 -j LOG --log-ip-options --log-prefix 'dos'
    It should catch your source of traffic, but someone else could improve a rule for you.

    ps-depending on the distro, fwbuilder (a UI) is better suited for your needs...maybe, probably, idunno
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