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    Network storage help


    I'm new to the world of Linux and I have a question about either connecting a network storage device and/or connecting a HDD as a network storage option.

    The purpose built network storage devices I seem to see for sale all say they need to have either windows or mac os requirements. Can I still use them when my laptop is linux? If I can how would I do it?

    I also have about 3 external HDD that are all usb, can I connect these to my router that only has ethernet connections?

    Please remember I'm a newbie and give advice appropriate to a dummie.



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    The Windows and mac requirement are they type of file system they are formatted in. Linux can read a multitude of formats so you should be able to read them all on a Linux computer. I don't see how you can connect the Hard drive to a router unless it had usb. I have a Netgear router that has a usb port and supports network storage. You might have to buy a new router for that to work, or set up a Samba Share on a computer.

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