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    When I connect to VPN, Firefox can no longer access the internet

    I have set-up a VPN connection using my Billion router at home.

    This is so I can access my servers from remote places. This works fine. But:

    When I connect to this VPN (using Networkwork Manager on KDE on Mint), Firefox can no longer acces the internet. Even though I must be connected to the internet for the VPN tunnel to work. If I disconnect from the VPN everything works normally again.

    Please explain! Have I set something up wrong?


    EDIT: Could this be a DNS problem? I know the Billion Router cannot be used as a gateway from the VPN.
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    OK, don't worry. I think I've solved this.

    You have to set the VPN to " Automatic (VPN) addresses only".
    In fact, it still had a problem untill I manually specified the addresses (in the second screen).

    Now I need to find out how to do the same thing in a Windows 7 machine that also has the same problem!

    I would mark this thread as SOLVED if I knew how!

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