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    How to connect 3 Laptop through LAN

    I am looking for Video Tutorial to connect 3 Laptop through LAN. If anyone have any video or article then share it here.

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    Must you have a video?

    It is not too hard to set up a simple LAN b/t a few computers, especially if you are not talking about wireless, DHCP, or internet.

    Here's a quick run-down:

    Connect each laptop to a switch using CAT-5 Ethernet cable

    Configure the IP Address and Netmask of each PC to be on the same, private network, e.g.:


    You can run this command to set the IP address temporarily, to test connectivity:

    ifconfig eth0 netmask up
    Make sure that the interface designated by eth0 above reflects the actual name of your interface.

    To make the change permanent, you'd write this info to a config file, but where it goes is distro-dependent.

    You may have to temporarily disable the firewall on some or all of the machines for them to be able "see" each other. the commands are distro-dependent, but one example would be:
    service iptables stop
    Ideally, you will want to leave your firewall up, and just allow the specific ports that you need to be open.

    That is pretty much it; these 3 computers are now networked.

    You might now want to do something like set up a web server or a file (samba/nfs) server so that the PCs could do something interesting together.

    If you want to introduce your cable modem and wireless, that's not too much more involved. Let us know and we can guide you on that, too.

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    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.


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