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    Source Address Storage Location within Data Link sublayers/firmware

    I am trying to understand the IEEE 802.3 standard specifically for the MAC address tables. According to Clauses 2.3 and 31.3 The MAC Client must provision the SA (source address) parameter within the MA_DATA.request primitive prior to its transit to the MAC sublayer (through the optional MAC Control sublayer). I have three questions about this

    1) Where is the burned-in address configured/located?

    2) How is this requested or cited by MA_DATA.request?

    3) How does the operating system through a simple command write to the firmware in Logical Link Control sublayer if the layer is specified to be independent from all above layers?

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    1. The MAC is "burned" onto the interface "card" somewhere. My guess is that it is on the same chip as the firmware for the card.

    2. Try to get hold of the specs for the card, the ones you would need to write the driver. Get hold of the driver source code and have a look at it.

    3. Don't know at the moment. Get hold of the IP stack code and have a look through it. Maybe the relevant RFC documents will tell you.

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